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Maha Siddartha & Maha Narayanaya

Narayana Oil is being used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic System of medicine. It is indicated in conditions like paralysis, facial paralysis, back ache, sciatica, impotence, muscle waisting, as an external application on head for high blood pressure etc. It is very effective for massage purposes even for healthy people as it rejuvenate the body.

Maha Siddartha made with Authentic Quality herbs according to an ancient recipe. Siddhartha 0il is being used for thousands of year in Ayurvedic system of medicine. Effective for the relief of nerve and muscular pain. It is indicated in conditions like Paralysis, facial paralysis, sciatica as an external application. Particulary effective for muscular pains in the chest, neck and shoulders.

Maha Siddartha       60 ml    |  Price : LKR  400
Maha Siddartha     180 ml    |  Price : LKR 1050
Maha Narayanaya   60 ml    | Price  : LKR   450
Maha Narayanaya 180 ml    | Price  : LKR 1250

* The shipping Charges / Local courier charges will be added additionally for all above  charges.
* All the charges will inform to the customer  by Email or the Phone before the delivery .

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