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This is made up with Natural blend of cinnamon and bee honey.Cinnoney is a protective medice with hels to promote normal health, keep biological balance of body. enhance rejuvenating power during sickness. Cinnamon is a world renowned ayurvedic medicine bearing the synonym "" Sainhalee"" which is an evidence to indicate Sri Lanak origin and Sri Lanka cinnamon is reputed as more efficacious than any other.

Bee honey is a miraculous product of mother nature enriched with many nutritious elements. Scientific researches have shown that use of this mixture daily will help to free from many diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, Hypertension etc. and helps to control the weight gain. (For good health / For better resistant power / For fast healing of diseases / For stable health after sickness.)

Cinnoney  160 g     |  Price : LKR  800

* The shipping Charges / Local courier charges will be added additionally for all above charges.
* All the charges will inform to the customer by Email or the Phone before the delivery .

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